Monday, June 11, 2007

Have an E-book to Sell?

Before you can start selling e-books (electronic books that are either purchased or free and are downloaded and saved directly onto your computer), you must first have a good idea for an e-book. Check out Online Gold Finder ( and NicheTopics ( to find topics that you know about and are in demand, as well.

Once you have everything taken care of (write, edit, copywrite, publish, etc.), it’s time to start selling your e-book, and selling e-books can be a tricky business. Anyone can write an e-book about a topic, and many people do. Because of this, actually selling e-books can be difficult. Below are some important steps to take and tips to remember.

First and foremost, when you are selling e-books, you have to treat it as you would treat any business—be a professional. Invest in your own domain name and professional website dedicated solely to your e-book. People are more likely to take you and your e-book seriously if they see that you are serious about yourself and your e-book. This means, when selling e-books, you should stay away from using free web space providers such as Geocities. Make sure your website is informational (create a logo for your website and/or e-book and display it accordingly), safe (people want to know their personal information such as addresses and credit card numbers are going to be secure) and user friendly (how do you expect to sell your e-book if people can’t even figure out what it’s about or how to order it?). You should also include a sales page, a clear return policy, contact information so visitors can reach you, and the option to download your e-book automatically.

After your e-book is written and you have a website dedicated to it, it’s now time to start promoting it. There are several ways you can go about doing this. When selling e-books, consider the following ideas:

-including the address to your website in signature files and in bylines -writing articles for other websites that include information on where to find out more about your e-book
-hosting online chats where potential buyers can ask questions and get answers about your e-book
-starting a free newsletter
-becoming involved with, or start your own, affiliate program
-partnering up with a publisher
-selling through an e-book store that specializes in selling e-books, such as Amazon eBooks ( and eBooks (

Sure, selling e-books isn’t as easy as it sounds; as a matter of fact, it takes the same professional approach as with any business. However, the steps and tools to get you selling e-books like a pro are out there.


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