Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tired of the daily commute?

We all get sick of the daily grind. To change that, there are strategies for working on the internet that work if you make an effort. But which ones work? Should you use advertising to sell a product you have? Maybe you could sell ad space on your blog and let others do the advertising by using your blog as they use a pay by click marketing campaign to get others to check out the web sites and products they offer?

One has to be careful selling ad space through your blog. Disreputable companies outnumber reputable ones 10:1 so do your research. The subject matter of said journal usually defines what ads will be on it. The problem comes when your blog becomes more of a Blogspot, i.e. it is used more for spam ads then to actually create a blog. This decreases your hits as people get annoyed with the junk thus decreasing your potential for income as they stop coming to your blog.

Advertising online is one way to increase revenue but there are obvious points that need covered such as; “what are you advertising?” Will you take what has been a hobby and make a marketing campaign towards selling it? Maybe you make cute stuffed animals- think Beanie Babies or Neopets and you can see how something like that can take off with the right marketing campaign.

Having the right marketing campaign is imperative to being a success working online, whether via a website you create to sell your product or by letting others do their advertising through you. Doing your research beforehand is, as in any other business endeavor, your best bet. Be ready to put a little effort into even online marketing and you’ll succeed. Sit back and wait for the profits and you’ll only get a sore butt.

Start Your Engine !